Difference between California and Florida

Are you not curious to know the difference between California and Florida? We are going to talk about their different beach lifestyles, the cost of living in these cities, and of course their pros and cons. California and Florida are great states, with beautiful views and a sense of living. I am Komal Acharya, a local real estate agent in Florida. This blog is aimed at helping you make a well-informed decision about where to choose between Florida and California!  


Differences between California and Florida

  • In California, you will find so many outages and road channels, while in Florida, the outages and road channels are not all that much, compared to what we have in California
  • Most of the buildings/infrastructures in California are old and they lack maintenance culture. we have a lot of new buildings/infrastructure in Florida, and the older ones and well maintained and upgraded.
  • They have a limited parking lot, most of the ones in California, and paid parking, while Florida is spacious and well organized.
  •  There are so many car coffee shops in California than the actual restaurant, unlike what we have in Florida.
  • I was looking at real estate in California, It’s very very expensive. The average pricing there is almost 700 to 800 per square foot. Expensive, So definitely the cost of living here is too high.

One interesting place about California, I would like to mention a few things about is Venice Beach. In this place, you’d find the gymnasiums that are in good numbers, but you can’t find such a setup in Florida.

The structure of Florida

The structure of Florida State is so awesome, all different things. And one thing is definitely like the state gives a lot of relief to Texas and also like the pricing wise right now we feel that influx because so many people are moving to Florida, and that’s why our prices went so up. But still, when you compare it to some other states, it’s not like just imagine 1.1 million just said and that’s four years ago. It’s like 1200 square feet in Florida. Those like you who know 1200 square feet we saw a condo, a townhouse, that some people don’t take. You know the minimum like a single-family house. People need at least 2200 square feet to live there. So that’s a huge difference you will find.


So let me know guys in the comment section where you feel like if you have visited California and also you have visited Florida what are your thoughts like which state is better? Would you live in California or would you live in Florida?

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