Differences between Hollywood city and Sunnyisle Beach

Are you ready to know the difference between Hollywood City Florida and sunnyisle beach in South Florida? then this blog will give you good information. Sunny Isles and Hollywood both are famous for the beach lifestyle.  I am Komal Acharya, a real estate agent in Florida. This content will help you know the difference between Hollywood city and Sunnyisle beach through their pros and cons

Differences between Hollywood city and Sunnyisle beach

  • Sunnyisle looks like an island when you check the map, the town is only one strip longitudinal island, while Hollywood is a full-blown city that could be compared to Fort Lauderdale.
  •  Sunnyisle Beach also has like, like it’s very close to as I told you, the Miami and Brickell Aventura so those towns if you want to experience and sunny out are more antigen to live but the Hollywood Hollywood it’s farther north than Miami. And it’s more like what kind of houses you will find like condos and single families. You will find even older houses if you are looking to remodel them from about the 1940s.
  • In Sunny Isle Beach, the per square foot price is stunning. you will have a very high average. Their pricing is around 500 per square foot like in some of the luxurious condos but oh my god they looked so awesome with all kinds of fun amenities. In Hollywood you get a variety you can have 186 per square foot you can have 250 per square foot or you will have like 400 to 500 per square foot.
  • So if you’re looking to live on a beach Sunny Isles will have a lot of condos choices. And in Hollywood, if you’re looking to be okay to like 10 minutes away 15 minutes away then Hollywood will be a good choice. You do have choices on Ocean Drive. But further west you go the prices are different. You may find properties like single-family houses or townhouses.


Perks Of Hollywood and Sunnyisle Beach

Hollywood you will find not only a beach but you have almost 60 Parks you have access to super coming with the kids. Oh my god, you have a ton of choices to enjoy here. And also beautiful resorts like for example, the Hard Rock Hotel, the new one they built like a beautiful hotel we call it’s amazing. It has so many fun activities with the golf courses.

in sunny isles, it is more about the beach lifestyle and water  fun activities that also you will find very lively shows. But the best part there in sunny isles because the Miami Brickell those are you so forced by Aventura, you know South Beach so you do get access to all those towns like you don’t have to even keep a car because the commute is also pretty easy where you get get the freebie shorter services or bus services city do promote that they want to make like apprenticeship friendly, bike-friendly


Pros and cons of Hollywood city and Sunnyisle beach

  • Crime Rates


Hollywood is also like a city mixed with crime rates but compared to Miami it is less at the same time. There are nice neighborhoods here where you will enjoy the kids and the good school zones and you know you don’t have to pay for the extra HOA fees.

Sunny Isles Beach is a little bit safer than Miami. Definitely. But it’s close to Miami as you can see. However, the town itself is very strict. There are not many crime rates there, specifically on sunny Isle beach and the buildings, they’re all like equipped with the security they have very high fire systems. You do have to live there where the buildings have this kind of security and that brings me to the next point is HOA fees are very high because you know they provide so much service there.

  • Cost of Living

Sunny Isles Beach is much higher than the Hollywood area and as per square foot prices for the properties only will tell you a direct difference in how these towns both are completely different from each other. And though you get the beach lifestyle, when you live in both towns it makes you feel completely separate. So I would recommend guys if I mean if you’re confused between these two towns, walk around, drive around talk to real estate professionals like us

  • Schools in Sunnyisle Beach

sunny isles, that’s like a very small town. So there are no specific schools in the sunny Isle, except a couple of private schools, but many people I mean, utilize the other towns’ private and public schools, the North Beach, South Beach, Brickell area.

  • Schools in Hollywood Florida

Hollywood does have a pretty nice full-blown city. So it does have a lot of school options from public schools to private schools. And it has like this zip codes among those that like to choose zip codes as deeper schools and some have like not so very highly rated schools. But in general, you do have a lot of choices in Hollywood.

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