HOA Communities in South Florida

HOA communities in South Florida is a great spot to buy a home. The land developers first established this part of Florida in the early to mid-20th century. It did not grow much until the 1960s, when several factors led to its rapid growth. I am Komal Acharya, a real estate agent in Florida. Come with me as we explore the HOA communities in South Florida and its viability as a great community for families.  

Overview of  HOA Communities 

More than 9.57 million people in Florida live in HOA communities. Each HOA has approximately 197 residents. According to the statistics, more than 44.5 percent of the population in Florida lives in HOA communities, and they include 67.3 percent of the homeowners in Florida.

HOA, or Homeowners Associations, exist to enhance communities. They maintain common assets, establish order and ensure a certain degree of conformity in the neighborhoods.



The Pros and Cons of HOA Communities

  • Your neighborhood will look good.
  • There is access to amenities.
  • Maintenance costs are shared.
  • You have a built in mediator in the case of conflicts.
  • You can get to know your neighbors.


  • You need to pay your HOA dues.
  • You are bound by the choices of the HOA members.
  • Their financial woes may hamper your choices.
  • You will lose some freedom.
  • You could be a victim of a rogue board member.



The Nature of HOA Communities

Not all communities have nature as a priority. There are those communities that have birds chirping and other domestic creatures.

Sometimes there are animals like deer, coyotes, and large water birds. While they may be fascinating, the general recommendation is to never feed wild animals.

Do not encourage ducks and geese or any other wild animals by feeding them.

The Uniqueness

The neighborhoods are beautiful and well maintained. You get landscaped shrubs, freshly cut grass, and color-coordinated houses.

It is often built to look the same. You gain access to amenities and resources such as fitness centers, parking garages, security, clubhouses, playgrounds, golf courses, swimming pools etc.

Sometimes they have senior centers and amenities for folks who want to retire to a HOA community.



Real Estate

Among the HOA communities, you can find beach side condominiums on the east side. They are as affordable as $350,000 for an outright sale. 

You pay fees in the range of $300 to $700 monthly as a maintenance fee. Single-families looking for a home can find a bargain in the older communities.

There are more affordable options in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Okeechobee County. 

ou can get bargain prices if you consider 1930s to 1940s homes in Fort Lauderdale and beach towns such as Delray Beach.

There are newer houses in Tampa and Orlando. In these areas, inventory is low and demand is high, so this drives up the price of the homes.

You can get a home in these areas for $200,000. South Florida is famous for winter birds.

There are enough choices and a range of homes, from condominiums to townhouses and coops.



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