Moving to a new city like Hollywood could be challenging especially if you have no first hand information about the city you are planning to move to.   Are you planning on moving to Hollywood? If you want to know the pros and cons of living in Hollywood, Florida, then this has been specifically written for you.    I would like you to make a contribution on what you think are the pros and cons of living in Florida.   There are always pros and cons of living in any city as no city is 100% complete.   Let's get started with the Pros of Living in Hollywood, Let's Ride!

Pros of Living in Hollywood

The following are the pros of living in Hollywood, Florida;

Less Traffic

This is what I consider as the number one pro living in Hollywood, there is not much traffic here.


Why so?

This is because Hollywood is a very small town.


Like Miami Fort Lauderdale, it is considered a metropolitan town as famous as Miami and Fort Lauderdale,but the good part is it’s a pretty small town, almost only 150,000 according to the population census of the town.

And you know, you can kind of utilize that time that you would have spent on Traffic for your family or doing some other things. So that’s like one of the big advantages I feel there  is living in Hollywood.

Awesome, Right?



A lot of Choice for Good Schools

Another advantage here if you’re coming with the family is that you have a lot of choice for the schools. There are private and also public schools almost like 241 schools in Broward County itself and of course you know that Hollywood  falls into Broward County.


In Florida the system has it that the  schools are divided by the zip codes. But comparatively the Hollywood has a lot many schools which you can choose for your kids.

Affordable Housing 

The housing market in Hollywood is kind of affordable, I feel, but it’s kind of the choice for everybody. Like average housing, the median sale price is around 182,000.


In Hollywood, it’s not bad compared to even the national average. So comparing the national average, it’s pretty, I mean, the median sale price is pretty good. So you have a choice to buy something in an affordable price range, but you also have a choice to buy something like hydrate condos for millions of dollars.



You have many choices if you want to live close to the beach, but at the same time you want to have affordable pricing. Mostly  people who are buying vacation homes here want to live close to the beach.


it would be so much fun to live close to the beach and have the beach lifestyle at the same time you don’t have too much liability on your head.


So that’s kind of a major advantage in Hollywood. So you have too many choices even if you want to have some luxury style then also you can find it on Hollywood beach.



I would say the housing market is strong just because of those winter birds because there’s so many choices here like so many condos, trust me. So you have varieties of the housing to choose from,either rental or even buying or even Airbnb.

You will see so many small hotels or maybe Airbnb which you can have at the affordable range.



Viable Economy

So the economy in this town is quite viable. It’s considered one of the famous tourist towns of South Florida so you don’t have to worry about knowing the property values here. At the same time it’s pretty strong, so buying and selling kind of goes hand to hand in this area when talking about the economy.


Hollywood is a Tourist Town

At the beach itself, everyday you can see the sunrise and sunset from your home. In the wintertime you will see a lot of tourists on the street. And this brings me to a new point. It’s kind of considered an advantage because the main source of job opportunities in the Hollywood City is from tourism, electronics productions or aerospace.



This is because there are big hospitals and nursing homes in Hollywood City.

To show you how strong the job market is in 2011, Memorial Health System employed around 9500 staff.

In 2020  because of the COVID lot of cheap things have changed but the medical industry is still in demand. You will find a lot of opportunities if you’re a medical professional.

Cons of Living in Hollywood

The following are the cons of living in Hollywood;

Challenge in Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Having discussed that there are good schools in Florida, however there is a bit of a challenge here because it is more like a pocket, it is not everywhere in Hollywood that you will find good schools.


So if you’re looking for really graded schools, then you do have to choose the correct  neighborhoods. And that’s kind of very difficult here.  It’s so hard to pick up the right neighborhoods in Hollywood.


Even though it’s a beautiful city, it’s a very small town, you get a small town feeling at the same time, the neighborhoods are so widely spreaded and at the same time, it’s like a pocket compared to the crime rates, and the school zones.


I mean, it’s kind of divided basically. So having the good neighborhood is really challenging in the Hollywood

Another problem in the neighborhood is that  the neighborhoods are very much apart.


So you literally have to travel a few miles to visit one neighbor or the other, so your friend is maybe in the same close neighborhood but then you will be a little bit distant overall.


You know, even though you are living in the same city, you will find it difficult visiting  other students because the neighborhoods are not that close, especially in Hollywood.

Not So Many Gated Communities

Another disadvantage I found in the neighborhood is that in the neighborhood just  very few communities are the gated communities.


Here  mostly after 1995, The communities built were in the gated communities. So you will find very few communities in Hollywood which are gated, and if it is gated, the price is very high. So it has upscale neighborhoods and also affordable neighborhoods.

High Cost of Living

This town has a little bit higher cost of living than other towns of South Florida. You will find a lot of other towns which are actually closer to the beach but still the cost of living is not that high.


So basically you know the rental like let’s say one bedroom range mostly from 1200 Plus. That’s also not very close to the beach area.

But if you want to live close to the beach then you have to budget at Least going above 1500 Plus on a bind side.


The buying and selling kind of go hand to hand, pricing like per square foot pricing is much higher in the Hollywood houses but you can still find the lower per square foot price in Hollywood.


You need to spend a little more extra dollars to buy something,overall the utility bills are almost similar in south Florida so there is not much difference in Hollywood.


I live in Coral Springs compared to Craig Pompano Beach in that area. Compared

with those cities too, I found a little bit of higher grocery bills in Hollywood.

You will find the stores but at the same time not too many stores have the wholesale.


Stores you will find here like the Costco Sam’s Club, you would  literally have to dry a little bit of North or maybe to get access to the stores so that’s also make life difficult when you’re living in Hollywood.


But yes, many people compromise those things because they want to experience this better. You know, it’s completely different when I came here compared to when I was living in my town.


So you are going to feel a huge difference living in Hollywood but then it’s such a beautiful place. Right now the weather is wrong but because it is close to the beach with so much rain, it doesn’t feel like it.


Not for People Who Prefer A Quiet Place

One basic disadvantage to the local residents is that if you prefer to stay in some peaceful place, then Hollywood isn’t for you.


This is because the city is kind of very lively, very lively, and even in natural places like parks or beaches, you will not find a spot to sit quietly.


I personally love to go to some quiet places when I’m going out for a walk or jogging. But that’s something very rare you can find in Hollywood. For me it’s like a disadvantage.


Even though I love to come to broadwalk I love to come with my kid and my family whenever any guest comes. The  number one thing is the visit is to Hollywood but at the same time if the guest wants quiet  time then I may not. I won’t get him to Hollywood.



Let’s Consider the Climatic Condition of Hollywood


Another point that’s kind of a little bit of a considered disadvantage. It’s the climate, So I don’t know if it’s a pro or a con. It’s kind of maxed honestly.

So that’s not big, you know, and because of that the climate almost stays similar in the city. It certainly feels more like a beach building and it rains harder compared to any other towns which are not near to the beach.



Miami Vs Hollywood


So it is important to note that many hospitals are close by like Memorial Hospital. Also from Miami like The University of Miami Hospital, Jackson Memorial that’s also kind of close by in Hollywood. 


However in Miami the living lifestyle is totally different.

It’s too many things you have to think about if you’re living in Miami so many people decide to live in Hollywood instead of Miami because of certain factors.


So that brings me to another advantage of living in Hollywood. So many people like it because in Miami lifestyle is kind of totally different.


Trust me, it is a big metropolitan city. So there is so much traffic. It’s more expensive than any other town in south Florida. So if you want to live in a rental or buy a property it’s crazy there.


So you have to have a literal high budget and a very high cost of living if you prefer Miami.many people decide to live in Hollywood even though their work is in Miami because this is one of the very closest towns and a very fun full town you know, because of its all the advantages and like a family loves to live in Hollywood 


Actually you will find everything that you can find in Miami in Hollywood.

Basically the beach lifestyle which I always kind of fan off living near to the beach.

Even if you wish to go jogging, or just take a simple walk. So in the beautiful weather and the beautiful side, that’s something fun.


Of course, like you know, it’s part of living in Florida, so whatever things you can imagine doing in Miami, you can do in Hollywood with very little investment. And that’s something I will consider the biggest advantage of living in Hollywood.


So far so good, we have been able to cover a lot of pros and cons. Of course there are many others that we can go deeper into each of the points and talk about, but I don’t want to make it a very lengthy article.

Feel free to contact me,I am a local real estate agent here so if you are looking to move to Hollywood, 



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