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Are moving to Florida and you are confused about whether to move to Hollywood or Hallandale?  This article has the prerogative to help you make the right choice by distinguishing between Hallandale Beach and Hollywood.  I am Komal Acharya, a local realtor in Florida. You may want to spend a few minutes of your time going through this article as I begin to elaborate on the difference between the two locations.

Overview of both cities 

Hallandale Beach is an older town with a little population of about 40,000 people. While this is in direct contrast to Hollywood town which is bigger.


Geographically Hallandale beach is located next to Hollywood on the map, on the other side, you will find golden Isles which can best be described as a very beautiful and luxurious neighborhood.


Not just that, you can also see Pembroke Park which is located closer to Aventura, this entails that if you work in Aventura, then Miami and Hallandale beach is a bit closer to you than Hollywood.

Hollywood is very close to Hollywood Beach and the city begins in Broward County. Technically Hallandale beach and the Golden Isle neighborhood are part of Miami County like Miami Dade County.

If my guess is right, it was either in 1970 or 1978 that the city was pushed to Broward County. This means that now Hallandale Beach is in Broward County, however, some parts of Orlando Beach are still being operated by Miami Dade County.


  • Real estate in Hallandale and Hollywood

It is therefore important to check where you are buying a property or if you are checking out a property, ensure that you know which county the property falls in, this is necessary for school purposes.

Hallandale has a street by the name ‘Ocean Drive’, when you cross this street is an ocean. If you wish to live in Hallandale Beach, you may have the best advantage here as the apartments here are not so costly as a result of the nearby ocean.

Around the area are very affordable apartments, however, this area is mostly a senior citizens’ community where mostly 55 plus citizens stay.

The prices of the apartments start from 200,001, plus bedrooms. Some apartments are condo hydrides and their prices start from 300,000 plus.

If you buy a condo like an apartment, you are likely going to see other fees included in the HOA (Homeowners Association).

The price of this fee ranges from $400 to $2000 monthly.

  •  HOA

The HOA fees your apartment would attract depends on the location, the building type, benefits, and amenities provided by the building.

Take, for instance, if you get an apartment facing the ocean, the HOA associate fee is around $700 monthly.

You have chances of getting something that is not too expensive and that would still get you the same kind of amenities provided by a five-star condo.

If you are living in Hallandale Beach, you equally have a lot of choices to buy an apartment here.

You can either buy a condo for n our high-rise buildings or simply go for senior living apartments that are not too high-rise buildings.

  • Condos

If you do not wish to go too expensive, then you can choose Hallandale beach. It is quite a bit mixed up in Hollywood because there are a lot of hotels there.

But yeah, it’s different. You have to inquire about those properties if it’s on Ocean Drive, especially near the Hollywood Broadwalk in that area.

Hollywood has a lot of other choices. For example, if you go more to the central and bedside you can have very beautiful single-family houses.

Hallandale Beach I feel is more famous for condos like single-family houses. I haven’t seen many of those which are more attractive in a safe neighborhood kind of thing.

Yes! If you go to Golden Isle luxury single-family houses, you will have a lot of choices in that area especially on the central and west sides. I feel it’s a great area

If you choose anything in Hollywood or Hallandale Beach, make sure your real estate agent knows the area very properly.


If you want to know more about the area and you do not have an agent, comment below. I would love to discuss this with you.

Lifestyle in Hollywood and Hallandale 

 In Hollywood,  I’ve seen people living there, not just for the beach but because they have a job there. Location-wise, It’s a very attractive location.


Those cities are very close to Davie, so many people who have a job in Davie would prefer Hollywood. Also people who have a job in Miami also prefer to live in Hollywood because geographically it’s a central location.



If you have a job in adventure in Miami, then yes, probably Hallandale Beach is a really good place to live and the lifestyle is very cool. Like people who live here want to enjoy the beach. They want to enjoy this beautiful nature. You will see a lot of people doing outdoor biking.


In Hallandale Beach,  there are a lot of senior living apartments you will find. So, if you’re looking to have more information about this, this is called seaside senior living. It’s a very nice location.


 Housing in Hallandale and  Hollywood

Some of the buildings are very old as the 1960s, and 1970s buildings, most of the buildings even have a recertification time like a renewal, so it’s quite a bit older.

If you’re buying something you have to be sure about it.


Condos are very clear with their special assessments and any other pending things. And you may find some of the new construction but definitely, it’s few.


So if you’re looking for something like new construction then make sure you take action. 

So Hallandale Beach or Hollywood?

Both cities have very old condos. They started building around the 1960s So you may not find too much new construction here.


It’s not too busy with both the city’s almost similar traffic and the public transportation. Also, it’s not very easy but at the same time, you do get some free transportation even from the city on the Ocean Drive area.


You may have transportation from the Train Rail or even bus services from Broward County.

What many people do is they just keep a bike or a scooter if they are living on the ocean dry or near the beach areas and it’s just easy transportation for them.


Some things are very close here like if you go on to buy groceries or like stores or restaurants, those are very close.


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