Miami-Dade and 2 Counties in FL

If you have decided to move to South Florida in 2022 and you are kind of confused between Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami Dade County, that's what we are going to compare right now in this blog. This Is Komal Acharya, a local real estate agent in Florida. We are going to reveal the differences and similarities between the three counties in Florida, Let's go!



So let’s start with Miami-Dade County. So Miami Dade County if you check on this map, it’s kind of located on the southern side. You know, of course, after Miami you can still go further and it’s more like Key Biscayne and Key West.

That’s the southernmost part you will see in the south Florida area so Miami Dade County has been famous especially Miami for tourists please and that’s why it’s been now I feel it’s a little bit overcrowded.

If you desire to live a city life like let’s say you’re moving from New York then probably you will love Miami because you will have the same feeling there. However, downtown versus suburb has a different feel in  Miami. 

For condo living because if you want to live close to the beach on the ease then you have tons of choices there because you know that’s kind of the main infrastructure. Miami is famous for corps or recreational sites.

There are so many things to do in Miami you will never get bored there. One thing you know is compatible with those other counties which I’m going to talk about is the cost of living and that’s what makes you know the kind of decision making when someone is deciding between this Congress.

Miami Dade is a bit more expensive than Broward Palm Beach. My husband works in Miami. He’s a pharmacist there but we didn’t choose to live in Miami even though his travel is crazy.

I mean basically from Broward he was going to Miami before he was traveling on a bus for almost two hours. He was even just going and coming back another two hours.

So spending a lot more time traveling than he decided of course on off-topic like a different time zone and not living in a job hour so he got our sweet spot of how we could live in Broward County and commute to Miami. 

Even though let’s say you are buying with the full number if I talk about even around 500,000 to 600,000. You can get a beautiful condo in Miami and there are a lot of great towns there in Miami Dade like a sunny Isle beach that’s one of my very few rates.

If you’re looking to live close to the beach area, looking for a lifestyle feel, then Miami Dade has a lot many choices.



So now let’s talk about Broward County. Broward County has been really famous for affordable living and also at the same time amazing school zones. So there are a lot of cities there like Pembroke Pines, Weston, and Parkland.

Those cities are famous for living close to the ocean so my favorite kind is Broward because it has a lot of big condos. It has a single-family. It has a base side single-family intercostal single family like if you’re going for Florida, they’re a beautiful community like Victoria Park or Dolphin isle.

So many different communities are there which kind of gives a feel about living on the ocean and has a great deal of single-family houses. There are so many communities in Broward where you can get no HOA community, but the price varies.

So in short, Broward has a great school system with a great variety of inventory. And it’s a little bit one disadvantage. I’ll say a lot of people are preferring Broward and especially in the 2020 and 2021 markets it has stood up the single-family house prices have increased and that is why a lot of people now choose to go to Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County is further north of Broward County if you check on this map it also has amazing towns like for example Boca Raton in Wellington, Boynton beach, and so many great towns that differ.


So if you’re looking to live also Palm Beach County also has beachside towns. If you check on this map at the same time the price is right now comparatively all three counties are more affordable in Palm Beach County.

And talking about the year most of the houses were built, Palm Beach County has newer houses you’ll get like because the majority of the construction happened there after 1995 or 1990 plus so that’s why you do get the choices of a little bit newer side of construction.

One thing I’ll be frank with you about in South Florida is it’s so hard to get a very new construction house, especially at the price point of between 500,000 to a million dollars. If you’re crossing million dollars then definitely you have a couple of choices.You know some communities have single-family houses and the condo townhouses.

One definite thing is a major difference in Palm Beach County has a little bit fewer single-story houses than Broward County since it got developed around the 1970s or 1980s.




If you’re looking for better, newer houses, and better affordable houses, then Palm Beach County is a  great choice for you. Let’s talk a little bit more about the West Palm Beach area. So West Palm Beach has also like 1924 built houses still it’s a very unique location in some of the areas I see. So we’re looking to do some of the Airbnb things then also a lot of good choices are in Lake Worth Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach.

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