Pros and Cons of Delray beach, FL.

Do you want to know more about Delray Beach FL?,  Delray beach is a very beautiful community in South-south Florida, with a lot of lifestyles and activities to explore. This blog will expose all the pros and cons of this wonderful community. I am Komal Acharya, a local real estate agent in Florida.  Therefore, are there good schools in Delray Beach?. This blog aims to answer all these questions coming to your mind right NOW!

History of Delray Beach

Whereso, The earliest known human inhabitants of what is now Delray Beach were the Jaega people. Tequesta Indians likely passed through or inhabited the area at various times.

However, few other recorded details of these local indigenous settlements have survived. An 1841 U.S. military map shows a Seminole camp located in the area now known as Lake Ida. In 1876, the United States Life Saving Service built the Orange Grove House of Refuge to rescue and shelter ship-wrecked sailors.

Furthermore, the house derived its name from the grove of mature sour orange and other tropical fruit trees found at the site chosen for the house of refuge, but no record or evidence of who planted the trees was discovered.

Hower, the first non-indigenous group to build a settlement was a party of African Americans from the panhandle of Florida, who purchased land a little inland from the Orange Grove House of Refuge and began farming around 1884. Furthermore, by 1894 the black community was large enough to establish the first school in the area. Delray Beach is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States.

However, the population of Delray Beach as of April 1, 2020, was 66,846 according to the 2020 United States Census. Located 52 miles north of Miami, Delray Beach is in the Miami metropolitan area, which was home to an estimated 6,198,782 people in 2021.

Pros and cons of Delray Beach

Let’s consider a few of the pros and cons of living in Delray Beach 

  • Real Estate in Delray Beach. However, the er, there are a lot of luxury estate buildings, lakefront buildings, ad amazing structures in Delray Beach. Investment in Delray beach is a very lucrative deal, in terms of buying or rentals, you will have so many great options to choose from. The HOA in Delray beach is low, Of course, it depends on the kind of building. The price for a single-family house is good. With the price ranging from $260,000 to buy a house and $2000 to rent.
  • High crime rate. This is a con! Because, Delray beach is well known for its violence and property crime rate. Compared to every other city in South Florida, the crime rate is pretty high and it is a major downside on Delray beach!
  • The weather in Delray Beach. This,  the condition of the weather in Delray beach is good but not predictable as it swings from season to.
  • Cost of living in Delray Beach. Furthermore, the cost of living in Delray Beach is lower than the national average and most cities in Florida. Although, in some areas, prices are a tad expensive and this is normal when you consider that exclusive things come at a price. Thus, 7% sales tax also applies to residents of Palm Beach County as against the 6% obtainable in the surroundings. Hence, this invariably affects the prices of everything including food, real estate, and clothing.

Schools in Delray Beach

These are some of the top-rated public schools in Delray Beach-based on a variety of measures, including academic performance and equity.

  • Morikami Park Elementary School.
  • Banyan Creek elementary school.
  • Bridgeprep Academy of Palm beach.
  • Orchard views elementary school.
  • Plumosa School of Art.

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