Real Estate Investment: Crashing or Rising?

Real estate investment has always been a profitable business that has always worked for those who know how to go about it. Although some sellers earn a gazillion of dollars from it, knowing where to buy from can be a tough decision to make for the buyers. There are lots of sellers waiting to sell their properties to buyers, it can be quite difficult to know who exactly to buy from. Here, Komal Acharya, a local real estate agent in Florida, will explain the nitty-gritty of real estate investment in 2022.

Brief Overview.

As lucrative as it is, it can result in a loss on either side because the prices are either inflated or the property costs are reduced. giving them both less than they hoped for. 

Currently, the business is at its pinnacle and the future still seems like it is undecided.

We do not want to believe the business is about to capsize owing to the unexpected increased interest rate.

A normal increase ratio would be a 3 to 10 percent uplift. But it is somehow shocking to see the interest rate grow to 30 to 40 percent even when no changes are made to the property.


Major Mistake in Real Estate.

  • Overpricing. 

A lot of sellers overprice their properties knowing that there are lots of desperate buyers out there.

Rented properties, most especially, have an increasing rate that is alarming in some areas.

Without changing the roofs, the windows, or any malfunctions, most sellers change the figures to whatever they want. Putting their interest at that but unfortunately, this is not working as a lot of buyers are pulling out. 


Talk of cities like Weston, Parkland, Boca Raton and Wellington amongst others, the rental prices is too high. 

To quickly sell out their properties, a lot of sellers bring their prices to an incredibly low price. As they believe no one would want to buy their properties.

Although,  you shouldn’t reduce your price so it would not profit you.


The issue of over-expensive properties and buyers who aren’t ready to buy the expensive properties has become an issue of concern and as a result, begs the question; Is estate management going into extinction?


Estate management and requirement of properties cannot go in as the inventories of properties have revealed that we can never run out of getting lands for sales no matter how costly the lands may end up being. Also, people buy houses as well as other properties daily. After all, housing is very essential for every human


No one wants to get expensive properties with a high-interest rate with no visible value that shows the property is worth buying.

Everyone wants value for their money. Due but the sudden inflation, The prices can be likened to the sellers purposely uprooting the grassroots of the business.

Realtor’s Opinion:

It is advisable not to appear too desperate as a seller to customers. But it does not change the fact that sellers are to keep their prices at the actual rate. Do not inflate prices because others are doing so.


As earlier stated, buyers have been confused about where to buy because the prices have been way too high. Compared to the value and there could be no buyer to buy the properties. 

In most areas like South Florida, getting an affordable apartment has been quite difficult hence people have mostly dominated the up north areas as other areas like the Miami Dade county as well as the Broward county cost an arm and a leg to get.


As a buyer, if you feel too uncomfortable purchasing properties in expensive areas, there are other places  which is affordable.

Although the inflation in the rise of properties poses a threat to the existence of estate management and property acquisition. Estate management cannot come to a crash.


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