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Do you wish to move to Miami Dade County? Also, are you interested in living in a beach town? Are you searching for information that would aid you to choose the right town? Congratulations, this article has been designed to help you answer the questions above. Read through this article carefully to get the answers that you need.  Concerning the above concerns, one of the towns I will recommend in this article is Sunny Isle Beach and we are going to talk about everything you need to know about this beautiful town.   My name is Komal Acharya and I'm a local realtor in South Florida. If you're looking to buy something in Florida or invest in Florida, then this blog will give you a lot of insight. Also if you want to just know about products,  pros and cons, and the cost of living then also this blog will give you a lot of content.

Overview of Sunny Isle Beach

Sunny Isle Beach is a very nice, small midsize town. So it’s not a very big town. As the name sounds, it is close to the beach. It’s like a small island kind of field where you live.


Sunny Isle Beach City is the town you should look for if you’re looking to buy something in Miami Dade County, whether you want to buy a vacation condo or you want to buy yourself a primary residence.


Sunny islands is a midsize town, the population is around 21,000 as of 2021, it’s not too big, however, it’s not up in demand.



 Pros and Cons of Sunnyisle Beach


  •     The cost of living, especially the real estate prices, is a little bit higher than      some other towns you will see in Miami Dade County.  I’ll give you an              example here: the median sale price is at least close to 400,000 And if you        go close to Aventura, then the median sale price is reduced to $300,000.
  •     Unstable and unfavorable  weather conditions sometimes


  •     you have a lot of choices like new construction.
  •     Affordable luxury properties
  •     There are also choices for buying single-family houses in sunny Isle beach        but they are more like a condo market here than single-family houses.
  •     The Town Attracts lots of Tourists
  •     The economy of this town is very strong.
  •     If you are looking to buy something like an Airbnb or vacation condo then      also this town could give you a lot of choices because overall you will find         good ROI.
  •      Access to the Miami Beach, South Beach, and Sunny Isle beach area, there       is a golden beach nearby. So lots of things you can do here. It’s more like         an outdoor lifestyle.
  •     Many people here have a lot of good restaurants and saloons you will find.      A nd also biking, and jogging is very accessible.
  •     Diverse population, language, and culture.
  •     You don’t have to go anywhere for vacation.
  •     Are you going to be safe while you live in that town? You will be safe in the      San Antonio beach area because the crime rate is only 13 out of 100 and          that’s one of the safest cities in Florida


Lifestyle in Sunnyisle Beach

Lifestyle wise, you have a lot

of things to do here, especially on the beach town; the water activities, water funds, boats, jet skis, you name it. You can also just go for the stream and a beach that’s very accessible.


Let’s say you don’t want to live across the beach. Still, the sunny Isle beach area is not too big. It’s like 1.4 one square mile to point four square miles is the water and one square mile is the land, this is not too bad.


If you live here, the beach will be like five minutes or seven minutes away from your house so it’s an amazing location to check if you’re looking to buy something in Miami Dade County.


If you like the lifestyle in Miami, then definitely you will like your post here in Sunny Island, this is not too much of a busy city and at the same time, it’s not like a suburb. It’s a very fast-moving city and has a lot of things to do, more like a beach lifestyle.


The majority of the people living here are doing white-collar jobs, there are also business people and a lot of winter birds. I’ve seen the purchase and also a lot of people like the buyers of a primary home after retirement so it’s all a mixture.


You will find seniors living and also youngsters, if you’re coming with the kids then also you have a good public school here. There are also some private schools nearby and Miami is very close.


So Miami also has access to private schools and charter schools, so if you need more information about Schools, comment below. I would love to get you the more information about particularly any schools you’re looking for in this town


Cost of Living

The cost of living in sunny Isle Beach is almost similar to living in the suburbs, except for real estate, because real estate is a little bit more expensive here compared to some other towns.


You know I was in a gas station that was 299, the same as a suburb. Utility bills are almost similar. I have my clients living here. The electricity bills in the summertime for two-bedroom condos are between $100- $250.


For amenities like the HOV, that’s something that has to be higher for example, on average in sunny Isle Beach it is between $400 – $1,000. That’s a pretty average number you will find in a sunny Isle Beach Condo.

 It can get expensive. If you go for expensive condos, of course, it depends on the amenities, but you do get the resort-style living here. 

Trust me, whatever you’re paying, you are getting the value there.

But there are some extra costs you will have to account for when you’re living in a condo, like assessment fees and things like that because that’s like extra expenses. 

if you need to repair something or they need to locate the reserve. If they don’t have a reserve then an assessment is imposed on the residents. 

Being a tourist town you’re gonna spend so much outdoors like the restaurants, coffee shops and doing a lot of outdoor phones.

The average per capital for a person here is like 45,000 So it’s like four families is around 160,280,000. That’s something you have to account for if you want to live a luxury lifestyle in this area.



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