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In new construction, you have to choose two kinds of upgrades. So one is called the structural and one it is called, you know, the things that come inside the house. So we're going to talk about what kind of grades you can do when you are choosing.

In new construction, you have to choose two kinds of upgrades. So one is called the structural and one it is called, you know, the things that come inside the house. So we’re going to talk about what kind of grades you can do when you are choosing. 

How Upgrade Works

You choose the upgrades will see the kitchen and the bathroom those two things sell your house. And that’s true those two things will make your house more valuable and have you more Equity. I will say it actually three things very important the floor kitchen and the bathroom. So whenever you are choosing the upgrades make sure you put your foot completely in when you are choosing those three, you know, give your best mostly have seen in a new construction people put around 5 to 10 percent, and the best number I have seen up to 15% when they’re choosing the upgrades.

Why Kitchen Is More Important

So let’s talk about the kitchen why the kitchen is more important. So the most important part for the kitchen is the countertop because that’s what gives you the great look not only just cosmetic but also for useful functional things you need to think so this is the appliances are very important piece where you get the bump up. 


Also, it depends on what kind of company you are choosing. They have a few choices is not like you can choose anything you want. So appliances fall into the category where you can even upgrade later if you do something you Don’t like. But if you’re choosing something going inside the cabinet’s then definitely you got to plan ahead. You know, what size you’re going to buy even though you are upgrading yourself after the closing. So that’s something is very subjective from person to person if you want to put the money there or not.


Another important piece in the kitchen they will ask you is the countertop because the current top is the most expensive one and the cabinet that choosing the color and choosing the style. Some Builders has the base itself as they have a very nice contrast countertop starting from the Quartz itself.


So then you don’t have to literally upgrade yourself. But this is something I will put the most money in because it’s very expensive to change after the closing. The color of the countertop is also very important the level one to level five offer different types of the countertop Some of the builders have granite and Quardz and some have only chords because chords are a fashion right now. The cabinet’s colors this is most important thing. This is something you are not going to change after the closing.


So as I mentioned the countertop and the cabinet that’s two things go along. So when you are choosing something make sure you are putting side by side and trying to match do not just choose one thing and you know to choose the rest another one in the next visit you can also Always use your realtor while you are going in that visits because your realtor is the person who should be helping you choosing this the best versions because you know, they have that little bit of that extra eyes also like a personal choice like whatever you like it.Another thing for upgrade like choosing the class like this something you see in this model house.


Another piece in the kitchen is most important Is choosing the backsplash this something I will advise to save money there because this can be done after the closing very easily. I know this is a little tedious process where you already have a hood because they will not give you something without the hood even though you want to put the backsplash after the closing so they will put the hood if you have a chosen from them and you when you put the backsplash you’ve got to the handyman has to remove it then you put it back but Not too difficult.

Floor selection

The another most important thing  I feel when you choose the upgrades is the floor. In Florida house as you’ll be surprised you will hardly see wood floors the second floor because we have a lot of rain, right?

So the humidity is very high. I will recommend going for the tile actually all around the house. But when you buy new construction, they give you either carpet or the laminate in the rooms and other rest of the areas would be with the tile.


Bathroom Upgrades

I always advise my clients the guest bathrooms and the other kid’s bathrooms like that. You can go a little minimal to medium. But the master bathroom you should Go the max whatever you want to put in many people doesn’t love having the tub. So Sometimes some Builders give the choice of not putting the tub in the bathroom and having the huge shower so that if that’s something you want, you can definitely decide when you choose the upgrades because there’s a little bit more expensive if you go if you do some reverse or some kind of grades you do even after closing, especially in the bathroom area. 

Another thing I’ve seen in a bathroom where people put some money in the upgrades which is not too much required. It’s the showerheads. So shower head that’s something you can definitely upgrade by yourself if you choose with the builder that little bit of waste of money, so I will definitely say not to upgrade with the Builder especially the shower heads and the faucets forces of the kitchen the sink because those things are not too expensive to change and I’ve seen like some Builders don’t even give enough choices to put those things in and they’re like so much fancy you can get after the closing and I mean to do by yourself.

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